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New set with Pokemon World

Lewis, a popular brand of jeans and youth clothing, has announced a collaboration with Pokemon World; It was announced through the brand’s social profiles that collaboration between the two brands would begin and that all of the first 150 Pokemon would appear in prints.

The Pokemon World This is not the only one Attacking animated series, But it is something real Trendy brand; Then Recent collaboration with Gucci and Gucci Bin stores opened, Pokemon will come in costumes Signed Levy.

The official announcement came through me Social media, Defibrillating gold duck fans Nintendo: “Coming Soon” is written below for a preview of what a dress will look like.

Lewis is famous for making Blue jeans, But for many years, it knows how to expand the scope of its operation, apparently to the extent that it cooperates with different worlds.

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Why did collaborating with Pokemon become so trendy?


Many people do not understand why they should cooperate with a universe “For children” Very trendy enough to stir up names like Levi and Gucci; Pokemon I’m not just an animated or video game series, But one of the brands Very popular Demonstration of a plan above all else Capillary marketing.

Since the first video game was launched in 1996, “Pokemon redGame For the boy, The Media rights Of Pokemon Super Mario is the second best-selling after the universe.

They have been managing for many years Conquer all generations, Constantly thrilling children and adults; The world really பிகாச்சு It is estimated that more than 60% of right-wingers, not just children, are under the age of one. 16 to 29 years old.

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They have come to dominate the world of consoles Entertainment for smartphones With “Pokemon Go” Released in 2016; Such a vast universe, not cooperating with the smallest universe, is capable of creating a Feeling nostalgic For generations, and for those who are still curious about it The desire to collect.

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So choose, in light Myth removed So this is the goal of children, which is more than sensible. All of the prints will appear in Levi’s next collection The first 150 Pokemon of the first generation.