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Bio update: story, motion blur, conversations … a change soon | Xbox One

Released May 25, Biology Test 101 is the long-awaited Action-RPG from Studio. After a successful start, many players have complained about various game dynamics. In them, especially the story, we see the difficulty of some fights or the excessive use of movement is blurred.

With so much focus on its community, the studio took to the floor to announce future changes.

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The first update is accurate

Through his Twitter account, the experiment took the floor to address 101 players. In a message released yesterday, the next update should be available on the system very soon, and then soon on the consoles. In this link, various bugs will be fixed and changes will be planned based on social feedback.

The rhythm of the conversations, the narrator’s preferences, the difficulty or more video options are currently being explored. The movement is blurred and the depth of field is now adjustable, while some redouching of the booty is done.

We can’t wait to see the changes in this next update. If the game is very enjoyable, some additional tweaks and fixes will definitely be useful to provide a better gaming experience.