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Bill Spencer talks about the possibility of bringing the Xbox Game Pass to the Nintendo Switch • JPGAMES.DE

Bill Spencer talks about the possibility of bringing the Xbox Game Pass to the Nintendo Switch • JPGAMES.DE

The Xbox Game Pass is probably not alone for anyone who thinks Xbox is not profitable. Sean Layton, the former CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America some time ago, is also skeptical about the sustainability. After all, the budget is not limited to three A improvements.

Man Should be It has about 500 million subscribers to repay the investment. In the Xbox series, of course, that’s not possible. This is another reason why Xbox is interested in offering the Xbox Game Pass on as many platforms as possible. The subscription model is not available on PC and mobile devices.

It is said that every time Microsoft Xbox game pass can be brought to PlayStation and Nintendo. Games Radar (Via VGC) Phil Spencer specifically said: Does Microsoft want to bring him to the Nintendo Switch?

This is probably not up to Microsoft

“We have no plans [den Xbox Game Pass] To another closed site. Essentially these other closed sites don’t want something like GamePass, ”Spencer said.

“There are many open sites that we can continue to grow on: the web, the PC and the mobile phone. So, to be honest, our focus right now is on these sites,” Spencer continued.

This does not precisely exclude the pure possibility of bringing the Xbox Game Pass to consoles that have not been called Xbox for a long time. If other site owners are willing to provide a “complete experience” on their hardware.

Evolution takes time

“You know, evolution always takes time,” says Spencer. Manufacturers have created different strengths through hard work and change can be seen as disrupting them. They have their own rhythm and speed to make changes. You are “completely open” to discussions.

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Xbox’s goal – and to be sure – is to further increase the number of subscribers to the Xbox Game Pass. Part of the trick is that Game Pass will be streamed on smart TVs in the future.

Microsoft only announced this in June: “Xbox in conjunction with TV manufacturers around the world embeds the Xbox experience directly on Internet-connected TVs – without additional hardware requirements other than the controller.” The new TV brings the Xbox with it. One more controller for 60 euros, you are there.

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