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This application is becoming almost indispensable

This application is becoming almost indispensable

If you want to switch to Windows 11, you need to take advantage of it. Microsoft did not want you to change the new design, but a talented developer managed it, so you at least do not have to get used to the start menu. An application that you want to install immediately after modification.

Windows 11: Start 11 brings back the old Start menu

New Windows 11 Start Menu Caused a lot of buzz. At first it was still possible to change the look, but during the development Microsoft backed away from it. It was only yesterday that it was announced that someone had returned Something approaches the community. You can turn off suggestions that change based on the use of the computer, thus creating more space for the applications you use on a daily basis. If you do not like it, you can Use Start11 to undo the old Windows 7 Start menu. Beta 5.99 is available for download (Check out Startock) The software works with Windows 10.

Startock wants to be loud On the edge Not only does it bring the old Start menu to Windows 11 with Start 11, but it also makes the Start Menu more attractive to power users as they plan more functions in the future. Microsoft has everything for it Increase in productivity The company does not want to implement it or not. The company did not disclose exactly what these functions are.

In which Video Do you see what Windows 11 can really do?

There will be other solutions for Windows 11 as well

Windows 11 is still under development, so most users still need to use Windows 10. Over time, many solutions can be used to change the Windows 11 Start menu. You probably don’t have to pay. If you are using Windows 11 but do not want to lose the old Start menu, Start 11 is a good solution. Will be excited to see Can Microsoft block its use.

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