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Big bird count started: Download and count the app now

Big bird count started: Download and count the app now

Birds will be re-counted in gardens and parks across Germany from Thursday. As the organizer of the annual science campaign, Naturschutzbund (Nabu) hopes to actively participate in the “Winter Bird Hour” from Friday to Sunday and new insights into how the domestic bird world works. “The more reports we get, the more accurately we can get a picture of the situation,” said Nabu Country Manager Riga Munchberger.

You can then report the data over the phone, over the Internet, or through the official Nabu processor. “This means that everyone can help run a comprehensive snapshot of the bird world in our cities and villages,” explained Nabu Federal Managing Director Leaf Miller.

Winter Bird Time: Everyone can count.

Photo: NABU

According to him, the easiest way to take care of winter birds is to distribute bird feed, dumplings in the garden and on the balcony. Those who wish to participate must observe the birds for an hour and the large number of birds of each species that can be seen simultaneously for an hour.

Observations can be submitted online by January 17th. The toll free number 0800-1157-115 will be available for phone reports on January 8th and 9th.

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