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Biathlon.  Environmental Challenge, Recovery, Ambition: Interview with Emilian Jacqueline

Biathlon. Environmental Challenge, Recovery, Ambition: Interview with Emilian Jacqueline

Emilian, you are one of the ten athletes selected as captain for this challenge proposed by the IPU. What does it contain?

“The goal is to plant 100,000 trees. It starts on Saturday, May 1. The concept is very intuitive, you just need to download the active application, choose which biotelette to join (Emilian Jacqueline join EMIJAC) and activate it during a sports trip. Strava or can be associated with another use of this type.Everyone can participate and it is free.It depends on the sport you are practicing (foot, bike, walk, ski wheels, swimming ..), it is necessary to complete a certain number of kilometers to plant a tree (for example, running 5 km for 1 tree, 10 km for a bike). “

What you wanted You can participate in this challenge via the IBU website ?

“Combining sport and the ecological aspect. It’s good for the planet and health. We’re not going to change the world, but we can reduce global warming only by doing small things. We’m not always a role model, even in winter. It’s a common adventure, it’s good, it’s already well over 1300 More players have joined my team. “

“There is a lot of desire”

Rhymes can be done with recovery. Interval, this end of the season, did it benefit you?

“Last year, I had a hard time restarting training. I fulfilled a dream, I became a world champion, I’m not hungry for the same anymore. There, I have a new challenge, I want to be more complete and regular. It requires me to change my mindset, to develop, it Encouraging. At the beginning of the week, I started again by strengthening my muscles and running, and once the weather got better I would get back on the saddle and get out of my ski wheels. I’m so glad to be back. There’s a lot of desire. “

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