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JBL Go 3 Ultra-Portable Speaker Review: A Soap Brick with Amazing Sound Performance

JBL Go 3 Ultra-Portable Speaker Review: A Soap Brick with Amazing Sound Performance

For Clip 4, The sound configuration and audio processing in this new CO3 have been completely revised. The result is much better performance than the previous model and much more surprising for the ultra-portable speaker.

The Go 3 with the deep bass delivers a powerful sound, which is amazing to such an extent. The effects of bass drum hits or bass slabs are well copied and sliced. Sound reproduction benefits from a comfortable seat and warm bass, again for a speaker of this size. The rest of the spectrum benefits from good precision and good definition, which helps to clearly identify different instruments even in complex instruments.

However, the blockage is not perfect. For example, we would appreciate the presence of a slightly louder sound, which may have processed the sense of clarity of the voices and may sometimes limit the “nasal” aspect of the latter. The most demanding may be for a specific syphilis and audible on some snippets and saturated electric guitar, for example, but nothing particularly dangerous.

Despite these minor flaws, Co3 is no less surprising. Its good size / power ratio is enough to set a musical background for a bedroom, a kitchen, a small living room … or even listening outside nearby. It also achieves the maximum usable record, at the expense of a chip pass. The speaker is also not very guiding and the listening experience is always satisfying even when you are not right in front of the single speaker.