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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker - Free Trial Zoom Launch angekündigt

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker – Free Trial Zoom Launch angekündigt

Der Early Access-Lounch von Final Fantasy XIV: The Endwalker, The latest expansion for MMORPG, was better last weekend. As compensation, Square Enix announces a free trial.

In An open letter To the players, Director Naoki Yoshida apologizes for the problems, according to which the registration in all regions had the longest waiting times and the progress of the registration queues was very slow. Full FFXIV servers were pushed to their limit with the number of simultaneous logins, which led to problems. We apologize for that.

Free trial for existing players

To make up for this, it was decided to launch a 7-day free trial for the official release on December 7th, targeting all players with the full version. Final Fantasy XIV And has an active subscription. This includes players who currently use the 30-day free game period included when recording the entire game, as well as those with multiple accounts.

In addition, additional free play time is planned depending on the further development of the current situation. Time and details will be announced later.

Official launch Final Fantasy XIV: The Endwalker Tomorrow is Tuesday. Here, too, if a large number of players go back to the server, expect potential problems.

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