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Beware, this undetectable malware will make your life hell

The malware installs pirated software on your computer and then installs other malware, making it undetectable for Windows Defender.

Since the onset of the health crisis, scams and other malware have been on the rise. Realize: from one of the cell phonesEmmanuel Macron It is said to have targeted itself with a malware called Pegasus The dark affair Global espionage.

While this is not a question of spying on a head of state, some malware has a very mild but malicious use, sometimes trying to steal your personal data or empty your bank account.

If you are using a Windows computer, it is a good idea to be wary of this malicious and dangerous malware, as its purpose is precisely to install other malicious software on your computer … beyond detection.

His name Mosaicloader, Warns that it can harm you if you are not careful Bit Defender Nearby Hacker News. This malware is said to have a very specific and somewhat complicated process that allows you to customize the installation of other malware on your computer.

Mosaicloader is usually hidden in the installation file of pirate software. Once installed, the malware reduces to two executables: appsetup.exe And prun.exe. These allow Windows Defender to exclude software of its choice from the web. Mosaicloader then installs other malware from the list of URLs, making it undetectable.

How do you know you are affected?

Advice provided, so as not to suffer from mosaiclotter disease Bit Defender Easy: Do not install pirate software because malware is located.

If it is already too late to follow this advice, you can always check if you are infected with Mosaicloader by going to the Windows Defender registry and looking for the following exceptions:

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K HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Software Windows Defender Paths »HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Microsoft Exceptions