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Beware, this scam is trying to empty your bank account!

Beware, this scam is trying to empty your bank account!

Beware, fraudsters use the disgrace of the German supermarket chain to steal the bank details of their victims.

Credit: Q. Mitch Hodge / Unsplash

If you are a fan of local products Little, And you see the chance of winning a voucher pass, beware of this scam going on right now. The German supermarket chain is really the victim of its success because fraudsters use its reputation to attract victims to their webs.

Fake gift cards are on the rise

There are many scams around Little, but fake gift card scams are very popular today. In widely circulated emails – and you may have received them yourself – and seem to have come from Little, you are offered a 50 euro prize card to win. However, to collect this voucher, you need to complete a small online survey. Here is the play. When the survey is completed, Fraudsters will get their hands on your bank details And other sensitive data. And, of course, you will never see the color of the promised 50 euros.

If you occasionally fall into the trap, you will see an increase in the number of suspicious outbound transfers from your account. When they oppose your card, the only way is to contact your bank and explain the situation to them. If you do not care, now you know: this so-called voucher is a scam. Little has confirmed it on its website “Initially not on any occasion” In these fraudulent emails and currently there is no campaign aimed at issuing these types of gift cards.

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Be careful

Always check the sender’s address before responding to a survey or trying to win anything by email. Often, phishing attempts are easy to spot because the email address usually contains symbols or characters that do not have a place in the official address. In general, avoid offers that are a means of extracting personal data from you. Finally, keep in mind that the same scam is prevalent on the phone, but the victim must call back a premium-rate phone number to win his voucher.