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Best Soccer Games on Nintendo Switch

In a recent poll by CBS News, they found that soccer is only the 4th most popular sport here on our shores. However, across the world, it’s the biggest and most supported, with around 3.5 billion people said to enjoy the game.

That popularity is also reflected in video gaming, with games such as FIFA seeing growing numbers of players with each iteration of the game. Within weeks of its release late last year, EA announced figures of over 9 million players globally taking to the digital pitch, highlighting just how popular genre soccer is.

While some people may think the Switch is all about Mario, Zelda, and co, and soccer isn’t something they can play, they’d be very mistaken. There are a host of games simulating the sport on the powerful portable device, some well-known, others less so. So, to save you the trouble of tackling the list, to pick out the star players, we’ve done it for you below.

New Star Manager

You take control of New Star FC, a small club struggling to make ends meet in a semi-pro league, and it’s your job to sort things out. As this game is built on the foundations of a top-rated mobile game, it’s a more casual management sim, but don’t let that fool you. There’s still the option to buy and sell players, and contract negotiations are completed via mini-games which is a fun twist. When the games get underway, key moments are put in your hands as you can control your players in action.

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Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions

This is a soccer title based on the popular manga character from the early 80s whose creation was inspired by the 1978 World Cup, so its roots are firmly in the sport. Its story-driven traits are well explained so that someone not in tune with the characters can easily step in. There are plenty of gameplay options, with a journey mode telling the story of Tsubasa’s rise to glory, there are online games, versus modes, and a good editor so you can input your own favorite teams. It’s a very arcade-like representation of the game, with powered-up shots, outlandish tackles, and such but, it’s a good combination of a story-driven title and a soccer game, so fans of either genre are kept happy.

Football Manager Touch 2022

This is the most played soccer management sim in the world, with over 33 million gamers taking control of their favorite teams. This version of the game has been made specifically for touch-based devices and has players and teams from 123 leagues around the world featured, meaning that Football Manager allows you to attempt to manage clubs through real-life situations to see if you can do better. Derby County, England’s current crisis club, are a good example. They’re favorites for relegation in Coral’s Championship odds, and the game gives you the chance to turn their fortunes around, beat the bookie, and keep them in the division. If England’s not your thing, perhaps you can help Inter Miami to become the franchise David Beckham wants them to be? Football Manager Touch puts you firmly in the dugout on Nintendo Switch.

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Rocket League

Ok, while this isn’t strictly a soccer game, it’s almost impossible to leave off this list. Rocket League sees players use cars as part of a three ‘car’ team aiming to drive a ball into the opposition’s goal to score. It’s a game that has spawned eSports tournaments and is one of the most popular titles across all platforms, and the Switch version is terrific. While it doesn’t have as many of the tactical elements of a soccer game, the action is frantic, the physics are fantastic, and it’s great fun. There are online modes, which are cross-play enabled, and there are hosts of upgrades available, including cosmetic options to add to your car. While you still might think this doesn’t belong on a soccer list, and it might seem an odd choice, you have to play it to believe it.