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Batman returns to the ghost halos in the Rocket League on October 14 Nintendo Connect

Batman returns to the ghost halos in the Rocket League on October 14 Nintendo Connect

Psyonix announces in a press release that Batman will be there Rocket League From tomorrow, October 14, 2021 on all platforms annually Ghost halos-event Lead! Ghost Hollows will be live until November 1, 2021. During the event, all players will receive a free player title of “Dark Knight” as an entry reward from tomorrow. To learn more about this year’s Ghost Hallows event, please read on Current blog post Or the most important information below.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment licensed ghost halos event on behalf of DC Event Challenges Batman Super Villain items, Batman Rumble Limited Time Mode (LTM), three iconic Batmobile vehicles and a new arena variant.

Batman-themed content featured in Haunted Hollows:

  • New Event Challenges Players can complete ghost halos event challenges to unlock Batman super villain items like Joker Dominus Decall and Boost, Gotham’s Best Merck Decall, Harley Quinn Wheels and Topper, Poison Ivy Boost and many more.
  • Gotham City Rumble LTM – Rumble mode has been redesigned and Power-ups are now based on Batman and his opponents. Players can use the Joker’s boxing glove, Harley’s hammer instead of the boot, Poison Ivy’s shaft instead of the crouching hook and more.
  • Badmobile & Bad-Signal Batmobile (1989), Dark Knights Dumbledore and Batmobile (2016) are available at Item Shop during Ghost Hallows. There will be three bad signal gate bursts showing the bat symbol from three different time periods. All Batmobile and Cat Blasts are available for 2000 credits in the Batman Halloween Pack, along with the ability to purchase individual Batmobile packs and Reel Life Decals and Cat Plast separately. Full prices and content can be found at the linked blog above.
  • Beckwith Park (Wheat Night) Arena-variant – This new limited time arena has been redesigned by Gotham City Super Villains.

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