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Best Football Manager 2021 Tactics and Patterns

Best Football Manager 2021 Tactics and Patterns

Where do you start with Football Manager 2021? Will you immediately change the list of some players to raise some funds? Deploy the training routine? Or do you find the best systems and tricks that will make you proud for years to come? If you have something like me, it will be the latter.

Finding the right tactic to go with the right crust is a lot of fun when it comes to football manager 2021. With so many permutations and changes in the simple 4-4-2, many players each turn into crazy scientists with the perfect tactic to win a lot next year – and then lose at home to Fulham. This is the way of the football manager.

Here are our picks for the best tactics and systems in Football Manager 2021. Remember that your players need to adapt these new tactics through training and competitions so they don’t get better with them right away. In addition, depending on the characteristics of your team, they may not be very suitable for compact and high-intensity tactics, so try to work your tactics on your players, there is no other option. Also, as a final warning, AI may change your tactics over time, so it is important to try to train multiple tactics at once.

Best Football Manager 2021 Tricks: Carlopol 4-3-3 | Gogenes 4-2-3-1 | Leicester 2015/16 4-4-2 | Tiki-Dhaka Press 4-3-3 | Destroyer 4-4-2

Carlopol 4-3-3

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This tactic aims to reflect Carlo Ancelotti’s early tactics at Everton during the 2020/21 Premier League season, which flew over the table. While it may have turned sour for them, this year’s tactic Carlopal can offer you something very different.

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The great thing about this tactic is that it emphasizes the winger as playmakers, which means you need someone who can cut off the wings and play a killer bass or change the play. It overloads the middle of the park with midfielders to provide some defensive stability and add play.

The only way it will fall down, as it did in real life, is to let the wings open you up to counter-attack. If you want to achieve a lot of goals and not bother to admit some, this year is the Carlopall way to go.

Gogenes 4-2-3-1

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Listen, you know gegenpress will be here when the best football manager discusses 2021 tactics. It’s fun to see how effective Football Manager will be this year as it was in 2020. It doesn’t make sense to make it less powerful when Liverpool took pride last year.

Of course you have to go with 4-2-3-1 to use the magazines more. This tactic uses a high line to consistently push back enemies, as well as strong tackles to knock anyone out or the ball or enemies that are not physically strong.

So, what are the disadvantages of gegenpress? Well, you really have to have players who are physically fit or lucky enough not to have serious injuries throughout the season. How serious this tactic is will change employees all season, so keep that in mind.

Leicester 2015/16 4-4-2

Leicester FM 2020

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This football manager 2021 tactic is for all role players out there. Are you careful to update Leicester’s incredible Premier League success in the 2015/16 season, which is often considered the biggest tragedy in game history? Well now you can. Sort.

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That season was truly a lightning for the entire league and probably the bottle moment for the game, but this tactic will reflect as closely as possible the season that won that trophy. You need a fast striker to play shoulder to shoulder with a defender like Verdi within the axis of Mahrez, and someone who fights every ball like Conte who doesn’t come at a cheap price.

If you have all that and full luck, you can follow what Leicester did, but this is a solid, unspecified tactic that will work best for table teams under teams. Watching 4-4-2 out in the woods is always fantastic.

Tiki-Dhaka Press 4-3-3

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This tactic is said to help Brentford win the league by its creator, but what exactly is it? Well, just as it relies heavily on ball retention, it can overcome resistance with a key emphasis on attacking anything with a bit of defensiveness.

This means that you will need your front three to get a good game to see a win, but it seems that your DLFs will play a big role in setting up an advanced forward. Have two strong strikers the faster, more dangerous striker, and you should see the targets float.

Also, when it comes out by default, it may be wise to switch to a cautious mindset when playing away from home or playing against big teams or to help you watch a match. Also, the mechanisms for continuing to get stuck and press will indicate yellow cards and bound players.

Destroyer 4-4-2

FM 21 Tactics
FM 21 Tactics

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Another Super Attack-centric tactic for Football Manager 2021, this “destroying” tactic aims to do one thing: hit you a whole ton of goals. This will vary slightly with deeper wingers than usual, thus giving more space to explode in the gap.

It focuses more on wing-play, which, in fact, prompts your midfielders to work muscle on medium or simple water carriers rather than playmakers, which means you should invest in some strong midfielders with more coping properties. I like to pull this off.

Like all other tricks that depend on high lines and engagement, this tactic can make you more vulnerable to counter-attack and more physically demanding during a season, so you will need plenty of team depth.

Football Manager 2021 is now available for PC.

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