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Give bonus benefits of corona virus usage to increase downloads, says German government


Used car website for the latest Unicorn startup in India

(Bloomberg) – India’s mass transport systems, which were unreliable even before the corona virus outbreak, were completely shut down when the country was locked up. As a result, Indians rushed to find alternative transportation, which often referred to used cars. A major user is Cars 24 Services Pvt. Ltd., an online marketplace for used cars in Gurgaon, India. The company’s valuation soared to more than $ 1 billion after a new round of funding, Cars 24 plans to announce on Tuesday. DST Global, an investment firm overseen by Russian-born billionaire Yuri Milner, led the $ 200 million deal. The investment doubles the total funds raised by Cars24 since the business was established five years ago. CEO and co-founder Vikram Chopra was an investment analyst early in his career and is now a Cars 24 investor in one of the world’s most important venture capital firms. Chopra launched the Cars 24 after having difficulty selling its Hyundai Accent before making a temporary move to the United States, he said. Stunned by the situation, he gave his car to a friend instead, he said. By the middle of this year, Cars 24 sales were up 20% from pre-lock levels. The site did not generate any revenue for a few weeks in the spring. At first, Chopra said the numbers were thought to reflect demand that would be short-lived, but said more traffic to the site would otherwise be recommended. Cars 24, which cuts every transaction, is on track to earn $ 600 million a year, Chopra said. “Our awareness among consumers has increased dramatically,” he said. India’s pre-owned auto market is fragmented and dominated by mom and pop activities. Online retailers such as Cars 24, Drom and OLX, along with automakers, offer a more consistent purchasing experience, simplified paperwork and access to creditors. India does not have a system to establish reasonable values ​​for used cars like the Kelly Blue Book, which makes the process more complex and opaque. As the epidemic dragged on, trains and buses in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai have resumed service, but fears of a virus outbreak are keeping many passengers away. Corona virus cases exceed 9 million in India; Infections are on the rise; And many more cities are thinking about more locks. For 24 cars, the new investor, as its name implies, brings global expertise. DST Global is based in Hong Kong and has for many years supported the listing of several companies in the United States including Facebook Inc. and WhatsApp and Alibaba Group Holding Limited in China. In India, DST has invested in online shopping company Flipkart. Walmart Inc. sold an 80% stake in the company two years ago, valued the startup at about $ 20 billion, and raised the company’s awareness of the challenges surrounding online markets in India. This year, DST has invested in Baiju, the country’s leading education-technology startup. Rahul Mehta, Dubai-based managing partner at DST, said the Cars 24 was unique in its ability to handle multiple steps, including remote inspection of vehicles. “You have to be deep in action,” he said. “These people have done better.” (The second paragraph adjusts the role of DST in this agreement.) For additional articles like this, please visit us at Subscribe now to move forward with the most trusted business news source. © 2020 Bloomberg LP

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