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Berlin Interior Senator wants to be deported to Afghanistan against the wishes of the Social Democrats - Berlin

Berlin Interior Senator wants to be deported to Afghanistan against the wishes of the Social Democrats – Berlin

Interior Senator Andreas Giesel continues to want to deport criminals to Afghanistan. “The interior senator always makes this personal decision to avoid endangering the people in our city,” he said “BZ” spokesman Martin Falcon

“After examining the personal case, the person will be deported in the future if others are found to be in danger. The interior senator took office.”

His own party had previously wanted to ban the activities of the SPD interior senator. The Social Democrats’ party conference over the weekend decided not to allow hostages or convicts to be deported to Afghanistan. This is as dangerous as it is in Syria – there is no deportation.

Since December 2020, Berlin’s internal administration has deported five people to Afghanistan, all of whom had criminal records.

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Keesal is harshly criticized by leftists and Greens. With his stance on deporting criminals to one of the most insecure countries in the world, Giesel is increasingly left alone, at least in his own alliance.

Nicholas Schroeder, a local political spokesman for the left – wing parliamentary committee in the House of Representatives, told Dagspeekal: “I am delighted that the SPD platform has accepted our position over the weekend.” All three coalition parties have now agreed not to be deported to Afghanistan. “The senator for the interior simply cannot ignore it – otherwise the Social Democrats will have to think twice about who to present themselves to.”

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The Social Democrats slammed its own interior senator at a party conference over the weekend. In addition to the decision to no longer deport to Afghanistan, the party also voted to hold a right-wing extremist terrorism inquiry commission in Newcool during this legislative session. Kissel had spoken out against it in an emotional speech, but was clearly defeated.