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Being captain "This is not a joke", astronaut Jean-Franசois Clairvoy promises

Being captain “This is not a joke”, astronaut Jean-Franசois Clairvoy promises

Thomas Baskett will take over as captain of the International Space Station for a few weeks.

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Within 24 hours of the plane’s departure, the capsule carrying the Frenchman Thomas Baskett and his three crew arrived exactly on Saturday with the International Space Station (ISS). The four astronauts were then able to join their comrades at ISS at 1:45 p.m.

So let’s go to the alpha mission, which lasts six months, during which the Frenchman will take a few weeks, for the first time the role of captain of the space station. A task far away” Must be a joke ”, According to Jean-Franசois Clervoy, astronaut of the European Space Agency (ESA).

“Although Thomas will only be commander for a few weeks, it remains a real responsibility. It should be considered.”, Recalled Jean-Franசois Clairvoy. Usually, if the task is done correctly, the flight director is on the ground, the decision maker. But still “In the event of a loss of communication, the captain takes control. He manages three major emergencies that require immediate results: in the event of a fire, air leak or the spread of toxic substances on board.”, Refers to the astronaut.

The captain is there too “The team’s spokesperson. If there is a message to send to the control center, it is because they do not agree with a planning, timing or action to be taken.”, Adds Jean-Franசois Clervoy.