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Before the Berlin Reichstock: Fasting for the climate - two activists disbanded - Berlin

Before the Berlin Reichstock: Fasting for the climate – two activists disbanded – Berlin

In Berlin, two young climate activists gave up their fast on Saturday to save the weather. Lina Eisler, 19, of Hamburg, collapsed Saturday morning and was taken to Charida by ambulance.

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In the afternoon, Hannah Lobert, spokeswoman for the German Press Agency, said she had decided to end her fast for physical reasons. Eisler left the clinic. The second activist, who calls himself Mephisto, later decided to drop the campaign for psychological reasons.

On Saturday afternoon, a doctor at a camp near the Reichstag building urgently advised 27-year-old Jacob Haynes from Dortmund to seek treatment. He did that too, Lupert said. Haynes is still in the Foundation. The other three climate activists wanted to continue in the camp.

Objective: Public discussion with presidential candidates on climate change

The group began an indefinite fast on August 30 before Reichstag. Your goal, on the one hand, is to have a public debate with three candidates for the presidency on climate change. On the other hand, they demand that the Citizens’ Council be set up to provide politicians with immediate action to protect the climate. Haynes was taken to hospital temporarily on Tuesday, but has since resumed his fast.

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All three candidates for the presidency had asked the starving to break their opposition. Then they are ready to negotiate, but after the federal election, not individually and in public.

Jacob Haynes and Lina Eisler began talking to Olaf Scholes after an election event on Friday. After that, the two said they were harassed. “Olaf Scholes speaks with frightening silence about his plans, which will lead us straight to climate catastrophe. It scares me the most,” Haynes said in a news release Saturday.

Environmental protection organizations such as Greenpeace have also called on climate activists to end their hunger strike. They shared the concern, but appealed not to “affect young life” out of concern for health and well-being. (dpa)