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Its new wireless charging base actually works wirelessly

Its new wireless charging base actually works wirelessly

Ikea has announced the launch of a new wireless charger that also operates as a power bank, Nordmärke.

La powerbank Ikea Nordmärke

Power Bank Ikea Nordmärke // Source: MobiFlip

Ikea and wireless chargers, which is a long story. Unsatisfied with the current supply of classic induction chargers for desk or bedside tablets, the Swedish manufacturer also markets several lamps that act as induction chargers.

However, the Wireless chargers The basics all have one thing in common: they are all called Nordmärke. All the latest models of the brand have the same name, whether cork or fabric charger, horizontal or vertical. There are two more penetrations: Sjömärke base, which is placed under the surface of a desk, as well as Livboj plastic chargers.

So it’s not surprising that Ikea’s next Qi charger will be called Nordmärke again. American site On the edge Actually found on’s site FCC, Several documents indicating that the Swedish manufacturer is still counting on the new wireless charger of the same name. Since this new model will be more square, it should be a much closer model to the round Nordmärke versions with fabric, although the shape is slightly different. For the rest, you will find several LEDs indicating the fabric and battery size above.

Charger that acts like a real external battery

Because, yes, the main novelty of this Nordmärke charger is the integration of the battery. The charger allows you to recharge your smartphone when it is placed on the desk and connected to the socket, and thanks to the integrated battery like a simple external battery, it allows you to do this while traveling. For this, the Swedish manufacturer would have integrated a 24 Wh accumulator or 6500 mAh. On paper, it is enough to allow two full smartphone recharges. To recharge the charger – or plug it into an AC outlet on your desk – all you have to do is connect it to a 10W USB-C charger.

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At the moment we do not yet know when Ikea will officially launch its new one Portable induction charger. However, the German site noted MobiFlip, தி Power Bank Already available at some company stores across the Rhine for 19.99.

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