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Become God's Powerful Lamb in Lamb Worship • Nintendo Connect

Become God’s Powerful Lamb in Lamb Worship • Nintendo Connect

DeVolver announces digital and massive monster lamb cult. This game will be available for PC and consoles in early 2022. Devotional Development Studio Massive monster And his faithful followers Return digital To Worship of the Lamb Announced, a lovely dark game about running a cult in a distorted world of rituals and ruins – in a powerful playground crawling around the base building and dungeon.

Worship of the Lamb Released during today’s ‘Gamescom: Opening Night Live’ showcase and will begin recruiting loyal believers for PCs and consoles before its release in early 2022.

In Worship of the Lamb Soldiers accept the role of a lamb saved from destruction by a dangerous stranger, and must repay their debt by creating a loyal following on his behalf. In order to become a true prophet, the warriors establish their own worship in the land of false prophets by going to different and mysterious areas to create and spread the faithful community of (faithful) wildlife. With each expedition within the vast expanse, more and more crowds of new and dangerous enemies emerge, as well as rival cults, whose influential leaders must be defeated to seize their power and ensure the supremacy of one’s own cult.

After returning to the site, one has to meet the needs of the followers. It used resources to build new structures, performed dark rituals to please the gods, and preached sermons to increase the faith of the followers. The growing connection also grows its own power, which makes it possible to further penetrate the mysterious forest to discover its dark secrets.

The choices you make will determine how you feel – will you be idolized or scared? Those who want to join the flock will find out More information and can be sent to the developer MassiveMonsters Follow on Twitter.

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