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Beautiful RPG Action Adventure Guitaria Fables Released Today For PC And Consoles Nintendo Connect

Beautiful RPG Action Adventure Guitaria Fables Released Today For PC And Consoles Nintendo Connect

English publisher PQube releases RPG Action Adventure today Guitaria Myths. In addition to the exciting fights, players can also expect fun farming elements and lots of field crops.

Guitaria Myths PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Digital Nintendo Switch And the PC is available for 19.99 euros. There is also a PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and a physics version Nintendo Switch Available for 34.99 euros.

Armed with sword, bow or magic and always loyal to their side by Comrade McCarron, the soldiers set out to explore the vast world and conquer the dungeons. They do not always own: in the local bed co-op, adventurers can fight together in real-time battles against wild creatures and dangerous enemies!

In addition to exciting fighting offers Guitaria Myths Multiple side tasks to help friends and gather resources. Schmidt Shamrock uses it for all kinds of upgrades – and helps you develop your own look.

There is a lot to do besides acting as a hero: At Thunderburn Farm, soldiers plant a variety of flowers, fruits, and vegetables inside. By working hard in the field, the farm will be equipped with the best tools and new materials. You can open the seeds at Kiki’s booth and create a delicious meal from the ingredients that Mrs. Apple Player brought.

Growing farmers can expect:

  • Beautiful and exciting action adventure with RPG and agricultural elements
  • Fight in real time using melee weapons, bows and magic to capture wild beasts and bandits on the go
  • Agriculture at Thunderburn Farm
  • Gather resources to make weapons, arrangements and more
  • Customize the characters using skins, gear and accessories
  • Awesome page searches and relationship building
  • Joint co-op system for adventures for two

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