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Beats Fit Pro Review: Real Wireless Headphones for Athletes with Unlimited Power

Beats Fit Pro Review: Real Wireless Headphones for Athletes with Unlimited Power

Due to the wearable detector integrated in the headphones, which could not be disconnected, we were unable to carry out our routine backup measurements with the dummy. Fortunately, this does not prevent us from providing you with our analysis.

Surprisingly, Fit Pro’s active noise reduction is similar to Fit Pro. Studio Butts. The low-frequency mitigation is sufficient to adequately reduce sounds such as engine roar or train bearings. Fit Pros, however, is more capable of lowering the mids than the studio buds, thus handling the surrounding discussions a bit better. But, even with this subtle improvement, Fit Pro’s active noise reduction has not yet been achieved. WF-1000XM4, Divyalet Gemini Where Airports ProCurrent champions.

Fit Pro Studio enhances the gap with Butts in the quality of transparent mode. Here, the top is not too disabled, which allows for a more elegant and airy rendering. However, these heights seem to be artificially elevated, making it very difficult to estimate the distance. Integrated Electronics has little trouble managing this apparent mode because we noticed a very short delay when translating the word through the loudspeakers for the moment a word is spoken. There is nothing to panic about, this delay is minimal, and putting headphones in your ears does not in any way prevent you from talking.

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