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BEASTIES is now available on Nintendo Switch

BEASTIES is now available on Nintendo Switch

Darmstadt, Germany, Saint-Ouen, France – July 1, 2022: Rocaplay And For games only We are pleased to announce today that animals, a match-3 puzzle game set in a universe of collectible monsters, is finally available on Nintendo Switch in both physical and digital versions. Additionally, the Steam version is ready and will be available starting August 1, 2022.

Combining the relaxed, easy-to-solve gameplay of match-3 puzzles with the thrill of collecting beautifully designed creatures, Beasties is a new genre that appeals to all types of gamers.

Additional content and beasties will be released soon for a richer experience following the game’s release!

About Animals:

Animals live in complete harmony and symbiosis with humans. But this harmony is broken after a Beastiemaster goes missing. The Beastmaster’s Guild sends you to a remote village to find out what happened to the master.

Can the Master be found and the old balance restored?

This game offers you:

  • Strategic match 3 battles
  • Many monsters with unique designs
  • A rewarding single player campaign
  • A huge map to explore freely
  • A colorful and rich universe
  • Capture and train monsters
  • A relaxing and stimulating pastime

Key Features:

  • ❤️ Beastie Brawls: Our turn-based puzzle battle system is very easy to understand for beginners, but offers enough complexity and the ability to plan your actions in advance for experienced players.
  • 🧡 UPGRADE YOUR BEASTS: Our beast friends don’t gain experience points during Beastie Brawls, but you upgrade their skills with primordial dust patches looted after winning fights. So you can level up each Beastie individually by investing in health, defense, strength, and special abilities. You decide the composition of your team according to your strategy!
  • 💛 EXPLORE: The world features hidden objects and random events with special loot to reward exploration. Use your time to gather critical resources, prepare for the next adventure, challenge the Beastie Trainers or search for new beasts in the tall grass.
  • 💚 A sophisticated mix of monster breeding and puzzle-game genres.
  • 💙 Many animals adapt to their environment and develop different types of animals.
  • 💜 Don’t forget mine, it’s important to get the resources you need for your trip!
  • 🤍 Team up with Beasties, upgrade them and customize them to your heart’s content!
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