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Lego Placet for Zelda Fan Pits' Legend Loving Nintendo Series

Lego Placet for Zelda Fan Pits’ Legend Loving Nintendo Series

The latest idea to attack a credit sourcing site run by Lego fans is based on Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda franchise, and it has a display of retail pride.

Dedicated fan of both Description of Zelda And Lego incorporates their interests as a project and is currently seeking additional support on the Lego Ideas platform. Over the past several years, the bricklaying brand has expanded into a series of Hollywood films, while focusing on what their most dedicated fans want about their product. This led to the idea of ​​Ideas as a place where Lego could gather ideas for their next playset. Once the idea is licensed, the company can be reached with conclusive evidence that it has support to complete the contract.

The website has created many unique Lego sets that will quickly become more collectible pieces when running on retail shelves. The usual payment one would expect from this kind of website has already been made, traditionally the Lego versions of the ugly attributes Back to the futureDelorian, Voltron, And light bicycles Tron: Legacy All are structurally made of bricks. Includes packages based on more unusual ideas approved by the project Alone at home, Seanfield, And The Big Bang Theory, As well as killing traditional Lego sets that are not affiliated with a particular existing property.

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If approved, proposed Hirol Castle Gallery basically The The legend of Zelda It will be the first video game property to go on the shelves through the program. This package includes Link, Zelda, Canon, some Hirulian city dwellers and a collection of Cucos. The room has several rooms with classic reminiscences Zelda Games. Among other features, the main spiral of the castle can be turned into a canon lie with a simple movement, and the link master can pull the sword from its temple to the temple of time.

Hirol Castle Lego Conan's lie

Of course, this is not the first proposed package on which it is based Description of Zelda To attack Lego Ideas, it will not be the last. Many past buildings have been discarded based on the game for a variety of reasons, including the need for Lego to create multiple custom pieces. The pitches on the site needed tens of thousands of supporters before they could be officially reviewed, but set creator Artem Piccio has already hit the first hurdle and now has more than a year to gain support and move on to the next milestone. With Nintendo and Lego now thanking Mario for its 35th anniversary in 2020, there is a better chance than ever that the collection will hit the shelves if enough users register their interest.

A Lego Gallery Description of Zelda Sounds like a slam dunk to all parties involved. Nintendo offers more than ever when working with companies outside of their inner circle. As for Lego, different constant flooding Zelda The pitches on the Ideas page show interest in turning the game into a toy that can be created. All that is required is a boat load of signatures and a real opportunity to cross the finish line and land in the homes of players everywhere.

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Source: Lego Ideas

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