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Be careful, the Google Clock error may be delayed as soon as you wake up

Be careful, the Google Clock error may be delayed as soon as you wake up

Many people complain about an error in the Google clock that prevents the alarm clock from turning off in the morning.

Google Clock

Google Clock App in Play Store // Source: Frontroid

Many people rely on the use of Google Clock Get up in the morningExcept for some crazy crazy users like my colleague Jeffrey. Unfortunately, at this point, if we have to trust multiple reports, the service seems to have serious concerns because the alarm does not sound incessantly.

As pointed out Android Authority, Error Google Clock Is an object Thread In a few days Reddit, the application page Game Store Sees many complaints appear in the comments, with a rating of one star at five.

The alarm no longer works. After about 30 minutes a notification will appear stating ‘Alarm failed’. That was the alarm I woke up to in the morning. I have to switch. Worse, it worked well with the possibility of waking up with its Spotify playlists “, We read one of the comments in question.

Blame it on Spotify?

The problem affects different smartphones of different brands. However, a path appears. Some comments – in the Play Store or on Reddit – illustrate that the problem may come from anxiety at the association level Spotify. Error seems to be a priority that mainly affects users who choose a song that is popular Streaming Music Service As an alarm.

This is only a lead at the moment, but an experiment conducted by us confirms this hypothesis. Hopefully, answers will be provided quickly and a solution will be used. Normally, this concern of watch use can have serious consequences.Android AuthorityHe cites the example of a person claiming to have lost their job after arriving twice late.