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Battlefield 6

Battlefield 6’s first multiplayer footage leaked

Undoubtedly the most anticipated game in recent months, Battlefield 6 Will be officially delivered by EA in the next few days. Upstream, many pictures of the game will be leaked, giving us a glimpse of what we will see there.

The only right to be able to compete with Call of Duty Jagarnath for many years is that battlefield history has its ups and downs. After a very mixed battlefield V, EA Games promised that there was little ambition to create the most important chapter in its history.

E.A. A few days before PF6 was officially released by Games, a lot of information seems to have been leaked. Although Dice has sent the first concrete teaser to various influencers, new unpublished images have reached us.

Through the Discord server Tom Henderson, Four pictures of Battlefield 6 would have escaped us. These include captures taken directly from the multiplayer game showing vehicles, HUD, a sandstorm and a city with modern architecture.

2042 (?)

In these screen shots, the HUD and art style are similar to Battlefield 3 and 4. We can also see this action taking place in a large city with modern skyscrapers reminiscent of BF4’s Dawn Breaker map.

In these pictures, we get a good idea of ​​the city’s overall location, weapons, tanks, a helicopter, and troop traffic looking for the future.

The final image shows a sandstorm hitting the map, with a previous Henderson leak, natural disasters that could destroy the game in the middle of the map.

Of course, like all leaks, there is no guarantee that these images are legitimate, so all of this information should be taken with a grain of salt.

Fortunately, there is no long wait until this new installment is officially unveiled. Find out when to use Battlefield 6 Premiers Our article is dedicated to this subject.

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