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Battlefield 2042: Performance Issue and Errors

Battlefield 2042: Performance Issue and Errors

From Leo Schmidt
Graphics expert Phil spent many hours on the battlefield 2042 beta and summarizes his experiences in this video. He mainly deals with performance issues and errors that he noticed while playing.

From October 6, 2021, trigger-minded people will be able to reactivate their anger and stress on the battlefield with a clean round victory on the orbit map in 2042. The trial period for the beta is unfortunately too short for comprehensive criteria, and above that the game version is based on a one-month-old framework, so the final version must differ from the beta in one way or another. Nevertheless, a few hours of play on the truly huge beta map was enough. Phil shares his experiences in a video format.

Performance is very mixed with an RTX 3090, hard crashes are a constant nuisance, and gamble-free gaming is not possible.
Smooth frame rate is not achieved by playing “indentation” and too much time. Apparently a multi-core processor over 8C / 16T combined with an Nvidia GPU makes these stalkers. Processors with low (or disabled) cores, according to various forum reports, should provide significant smooth performance in conjunction with GeForce.

On the positive side, the map has enormous size and dynamics, the weather changes as the competition progresses, the dense grass reacts to the wind and is lowered into the atmosphere by pressure waves from helicopter rotors or grenade blasts. The textures are mostly high-resolution, the lighting and material pattern also seem to have undergone a certain correction, and the interactions between light and surfaces now appear somewhat smoother and more natural.

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