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Movies and series are stored here – Future Zone

You can download the content through Sky Go so you can watch it offline. For that Sky Go download location There are notes from the sky. There are also some rules you must follow when downloading series and movies.

Sky Go Download Location: There are some limitations

As a Sky Go customer, you have the option to store the selected content on your device so that you can play without internet access. The range of downloadable images and series is already huge and should increase steadily, according to Sky. There are a few things to consider with Sky Go download location.

To store content on your mobile phone, tablet or computer, you need “Sky Go Extra”. This service costs 4.99 euros per month. As a Sky Q customer, content download is included.

These rules apply to Sky Go download and location

The following restrictions apply when downloading Sky Go content:

  • With the download function you can download and save up to 25 titles at once. The rule is that there can be a maximum of five movies.
  • Each topic can only be downloaded twice a calendar year.
  • Downloaded topics are available for 30 days.
  • Once you start a topic, you have 48 hours to play it again. Then the title was blocked again.
  • You must have a wifi connection to download tracks.
  • For the Sky Go download location, the content can only be stored in the internal storage. This is because Sky wants to prevent you from giving pictures to others, i.e. non-Sky customers. So it cannot be stored on SD card, USB stick or the like.
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How to find Sky Go download location

You can find the Sky Go download location on your computer if you follow the following storage path:

  • “User”> Your username> “AppData”> “LocalLow”> “Cisco”> VideoGuard “>” SKY_DE-SKY_QGO “>” Contents “
  • Some users also report saved content being stored in the “My Videos” folder.
  • You do not have to delete the content after viewing it. Removal of videos will be done automatically by Sky after the deadline.

Downloaded content is easily accessible through the Sky processor. You can find saved headings under “My Content”> “Downloads”.

Conclusion: You can watch movies and series offline without any problems

Sky allows you to view content even without an internet connection. There are a few things to consider. You can easily find the Sky Go download location on your computer. We have compiled how Sky Go Download works. If your device list is full, you can delete Sky Temple devices if you want to register a new smartphone. With one trick you can stream Sky Cove on PlayStation 4.

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