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Some developers are unable to download beta 6 of iOS and iPadOS 14.5

For hours now, Apple developers have been reporting problems with social networking sites downloading the 6th beta of iOS and iPadOS 14.5 from the Web. ! The latest thing is that the inability to download the latest beta may prevent an increase in bugs before the official release of iOS 14.5.


The only solution? Install the beta directly from the device!

Bad profile“, This is the error message that Apple developers around the world see when they go to the Apple site to download iOS / iPadOS 14.5 Beta 6!
As explained to us 9to5mac It publishes information, and attempts to install a new beta from the website are blocked, indicating a message profile Corrupted file And cannot be read.

Fortunately, reports made on social networks only mention difficulties for iOS and iPadOS, the beta of WatchOS 6, MacOS and TVOS. Download in general !

Bad profile error message ios 14.5 Beta6

The only solution for now OTA update, Which means you need to download Beta 6 directly from your iPhone or iPad settings. There the profile is not blocked and the download starts very quickly when requested.
We hope this does not extend the duration of the beta!

The 6th beta of iOS 14.5 adds two new features that will be available in the general version. You find out Two new voices Laugh (in the English version) as well as a Calibration function For iPhone battery.

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