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Baltur's Gate 3 -

Baltur’s Gate 3 –

Baldur’s Gate 3 has been updated with a new class and highly appreciated changes. Let’s see what will change with the next link

The gateway to New Baltur is a much-anticipated topic by RPG cleaners, and the lorries are well aware of this, by setting up a pleasant live communication map. “Team from Hell“These delightful performances – presented by Sven Winke – are a useful window into the team’s work and keep followers up to date. Gateway to Baltur3 From the beginning of the initial access.

Today, to be exact, a The new team is dedicated to the fourth link of the game. There are no revolutionary additions, but at least a new, more respected class has emerged, viz Droid, With many nice changes. Why a full presentation for a new expertise for one’s alternative ego? We explain it to you below.

Droit Sand Storm

Druid took a lot of effort to implement, not only because of its features (not easy to manage), but also because of its direct links to the story of Baldur’s first act of Cat III. During the Start Menu, you handle a circle of Druids centered enough to expand the events, and joining this new class automatically leads to the full series New story options, With Extra conversations and more contacts The attitude to the campaign can change significantly.

Not only that, but it also leads to the existence of Druid Strange interactions with animals, (Beyond its magic) can transform ours into various beasts and interact with them as a result. This capability already exists in the game for other classes, but it has it by default, and we are curious to see if new dialogue options have been added to situations like this.

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Gateway to Baltur3

However, I would like to go into more detail Druid will have two possible specialties Or, more precisely, two member circles: The The circle of the moon And this Circle of land. The first enhances the ability to transform by guaranteeing particularly useful forms in battle such as the polar bear (although Druid may take more effective and awkward forms such as the cat or crow), while the second circle guarantees a bonus related to regional connection, with additional personal powers. Suffice it to say that being “victimized” by a false dotball seems to allow even the Druids to exercise special powers, and more precisely we have no doubt that a unique “different” form will have some effect on the plot.

The remaining changes

Balters Gate 3 00014
Baldur’s Gate 3: A Battlefield

There too Crow shape The already mentioned will be analyzed in depth: the possibility of flying in a game with the verticality of the entrance to the ball can greatly help to explore certain areas – as well as allow you to avoid large chunks of the map – and we are very interested to understand if there are any specific restrictions to prevent players from abusing it. However, in addition to the above, there are other changes related to quality of life, all of which are very welcome.

The first usable ability “Mounted dice“If the player wants to. There is talk of dice preventing a series of horrific results or exceptional blows of luck, simplifies life and reduces the randomness of circumstances. Changes related to the technology sector, With major changes in animation, lighting and cinematography, as well as refinement of the “talk to the dead” ability. In multiplayer, then, variety Changes to the interface Now it allows you to use the skills of your comrades through their portraits, not to mention the ability to view other players’ inventory and interact with them (this will allow your comrades to steal items from you online, if they wish). Ah, a button to use the flashing lights and an escape button are also included, to complete the picture. In short, a good list of changes, which shows how hard the lorries are on the topic. Furthermore, considering that the team has expanded to other areas to continue the work, we expect more significant repercussions in the future, although the outcome of the project may seem far-fetched.

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The Druid presented in the new panel from Hell seems to be a buzzing class, and several improvements to Baldur’s Gate III (with the expansion of the development team) give a good idea of ​​the future of the game. We hope it will take a long time to complete, but the work is progressing better and we are more confident.


  • Druid is an excellent class and adds many possibilities in terms of story and game
  • Many technical and quality of life improvements


  • The end of the title is still a long way off