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'Vaccine demands work' |  More than 320 unvaccinated employees at United Airlines

‘Vaccine demands work’ | More than 320 unvaccinated employees at United Airlines

(New York) United Airlines announced on Tuesday that it was ready to lay off 593 people who had not been vaccinated against Covit-19, a figure at least 320 employees after downloading some delays.

This means that 99.5% of employees who do not seek medical or religious exemption are now vaccinated, the company said Thursday.

That number could fall further as employees are called individually to lay off, United said.

“Our vaccine policy continues to demonstrate that (vaccine) works,” the company commented.

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United boss Scott Kirby gave his employees until September 27 to download the certificate. Otherwise they will be fired.

In January, company boss Scott Kirby said he was considering vaccinating all employees in the United States.

He implemented this hypothesis in early August, allowing his staff to download the certificate until September 27th. Otherwise they will be fired.

The U.S. Federal Reserve (EEOC), which is responsible for complying with laws against discrimination in the workplace, says employers have the right to vaccinate employees who go to their workplace, regardless of medical or religious opposition.

The U.S. president signed an order in early September urging executives to vaccinate against the pain of disciplinary sanctions.

Federal agency subcontractors are also concerned about federal subsidies for employees in retirement homes (17 million people) and schools under federal control (military or tribal schools).

The Ministry of Labor also plans to introduce the obligation to conduct weekly screening tests on employees of companies with more than 100 employees, or more than 80 million employees. However, details of this new requirement have not yet been announced.

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At United Airlines, of the company’s 67,000 or more employees, about 2,000 are exempt, two – thirds religious and one – third medical.

United Airlines initially planned to pay employees who would be exempted on October 2 rather than pay, while they would not have to communicate with others. But as legal proceedings initiated by employees who refused to be exempt were in progress, these people remain inside the company until October 15 while waiting for the end.