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Balan Wonderworld Flop Income ...

Balan Wonderworld Flop Income …

Balan has not received a great reception since the release of Wonderworld, which was reflected in its sales numbers. According to Art Cartridge Games Sur Twitter, The game sold less than 2,100 copies in Japan in its first week, completely missing the top 30 spots.

The game missed the Nintendo ESHAP’s top 30 in Japan and North America, and the UK’s top 40 in retail.

At the end of January players were able to try out the Balan Company Platform Game Demo. The demo provided access to World 1, World 4 and World 6, showing the different costumes and different capabilities that the game offers. The problem is, it also highlights some of the issues in the game. Difficulty with camera movement and gameplay, especially with regard to motion controls. Although some of these issues were fixed in the first update, “not all issues can be mirrored. Game feedback” because some issues are structural dynamics related to the game that cannot be easily changed.

The first update photo sensitivity fixed a bug that could trigger seizures in people with epilepsy, as well as causing nausea and headaches in those without a history of epilepsy. The game certainly has other issues, and we’ll go into them in our next review, which will be released this weekend.

In BALAN WONDERWORLD, players explore the strange world of Wonder World with the stars of the show, Leo and Emma. With the help of the intriguing ball of ceremonies, players must restore balance to the twelve souls who have been persecuted by eliminating the negativity, physical manifestations of anxiety and other negative emotions. To achieve this the players will have to jump, climb, fly, strike and more, while exploring different areas and collecting more than 80 outfits will give them special powers and enable them for their adventure. Players can explore the WonderWorld world through individual and local collaborations. Both players can combine the skills of their costumes to defeat and win enemies.

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