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Bad news for fall, director exits: “I’ll miss him”

Bethesda has lost another part of its history: Skyrim and Oblivion, Jeff Gardiner, project leader of Fallout 76, have decided to leave the studio.

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The announcement was made with a message Twitter In it the Creator announced that his time with Bethesda was over. Gardiner was first a designer, then produced within Bethesda and eventually became a project lead Fall 76.

According to Gardiner, Fallout 76 Project Lead is the answer Made this decision independently. However, the question of whether he could or did not want to answer was about who would replace him.

Fall 76, What does the future hold for Gardiner?

Bad news for the fall, the director leaves: "I will miss it"
Bad news for the fall, the director leaves: “I will miss him” (Photo: Twitter)

Jeff Gardiner eventually joined Bethesda 2005 Thanks to his talent he has climbed various levels from production to management. His hand helped create worlds Oblivion And Skyrim, As well as three fall episodes: Fall 3, 4 and 76. In particular, he has worked as the Fallout 76 project lead for the past three years.

Under his farewell announcement to Bethesda, many members of the Digital family he has been a part of for more than 15 years thanked him. And a lot of players attended with congratulations and thanks. In fact, for those who follow Gardiner’s profile on Twitter Something went wrong for a while. In recent days, in fact, Bethesda Creative has been quoting at least once a day, and everyone has one thing in common: change and movement.

Now that Gardiner has left Bethesda and the Fallout 76 team, the question we all ask is We will find it again. And there is no hint of his future in the news that Gardiner has left the community of players and fans of Bethesda titles. There was not even a hint in the vague answers he gave to those who tried to ask him which team he could be found on.

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He said he wants to take all the creativity. “A little time to reflect“Before creating any project. Usually these kinds of phrases do not add a team to the new, but create a new development team. Can we talk to you soon about the new development studio opened by Jeff Gardiner?”