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TBH ... Sierra O'Connor downloads her Netflix viewing history

TBH … Sierra O’Connor downloads her Netflix viewing history

I don’t know why I did that. I think I don’t know what I’m doing, or the bad forces of unlisted task-avoidance guide me when I click more deeply. When I was carelessly and eagerly selected, I had no idea what the existential fear of Pandora was that I was opening up to ‘download the viewing function’.

Choosing in 2020 is so far impossible. I could not distinguish one month from another in my soupy memory; I don’t know if summer really happened. Maybe it’s better. It opened in Excel, which is a threatening format. There, in hundreds of endless columns over hundreds of treacherous little cells, were the clear facts of my 2020 Netflix view. This is the secret history of my infection.

It all started the way it started, with Love is Blind, the couple had to agree to get married without looking at each other. In the early days of locking it was inevitable: sweet hope, savior, absurd. The epidemic began to change its tectonic relationships. We saw happy results coming out; We thought everything would explode soon.