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Baby Icarus: Rise: How It Was Born -

Baby Icarus: Rise: How It Was Born –

In the last chapter of Harda’s Bar, Masahiro explained Sakura How it was born Baby Icarus: Rise Per Nintendo 3DS. At that point, touch! Generations (reconsider brain training?) Were incredibly popular. Sakura hoped that this trend would continue, but he wanted to give this line a more meaningful experience.

Sakura: “The original design was based on the new hardware, 3DS. At that point, touch! Generations were very popular on the Nintendo DS. Touch! Generation is the common name for small games such as brain training. They are different from normal games, but they are good for players and great for quick games … I thought the trend would continue. So I wanted to do something deeper. That’s how I designed Kit Icarus: Rise.

We had to create one Third person shooter Use the 3DS, but the screen was small and the display depth was shallow. For this we avoided wars between people of similar size and magnified the enemy.

Baby Icarus: The uprising was successful, but it never was To be continued, Despite the demands of the fans. According to Sakura, it can be complicated to create, so it is better not to expect it.

In the same interview, Sakura described his goal while creating games.

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