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AVM launches FritzOS 7.25 - switches to Fritzbox

AVM launches FritzOS 7.25 – switches to Fritzbox

FritzJose 7.25 is released. (Photo: AVM)

No time now?

AVM Fritzos has started releasing 7.25. According to AVM, the upgrade Fritz boxes offer more than 70 new functions and upgrades such as device priority for the home office.

Only in the fall did AVM have its Fritz boxes and other equipment With the update to FritzOS 7.20 More than 100 innovations and improvements were donated. Except Current Fritz boxes Repeaters, Powerline products and Fritz phones also had high functionality, stability and security. Now the next big update is coming. According to AVM, FritzOS 7.25 comes with “over 70 new functions and upgrades for all Fritz products”.

Home Office: FritzJose 7.25 allows priority

The AVM home office trend is unavoidable. Related notebooks or computers can now be easily prioritized over the WLAN, for example while the video conference is pending. Function AVM Now the Fritzbox loop for the network device is also in view. In addition, the Fritzos 7.25 WiFi Machine comes with a number of upgrades. The optimization of the auto channel selection on the WLAN should ensure that streaming, gaming or homework runs reliably on multiple mobile devices.

During home schooling and home office hours, the Fritzos update gives parents extra control over web content and online times: managing parental control tickets is optimized. AVM has also changed the management of the phone and the transmission quality for calls to wireless remote sites with poor wireless connections. Phone book management needs to be revised to better distinguish the individual from the professional. It allows you to copy and move entries between different phone books.

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The area of ​​the phone is also interesting: Fritzbox LTE models can now also send and receive SMS. They are also listed in the new SMS magazine. Support for the Companyflex (Deutsche Telecom) business phone platform is also new. Also: With Wireless Pushpoton FridgeJet 440, WLAN Guest Access and Fritzbox’s responsive engine can now be easily turned on and off. Additionally, Fritzbox’s internal memory (approximately 350 megabytes) now offers the option to store pictures, ringtones, or voice messages.

The update FritzOS 7.25 will be released gradually

The FritzJose 7.25 update is initially available For the Fritzbox 7590 Ready. All other products should receive a free update in the coming weeks. AVM talks about a “gradual roll-out”. The update will be installed automatically if the user selects the corresponding function (automatic update). Otherwise, click “Start Update” in the user interface.

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