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AVM FRITZ!  Releases OS 7.27 for FRITZ!  Repeater 1750E

AVM FRITZ! Releases OS 7.27 for FRITZ! Repeater 1750E

AVM FRITZ today! FRITZ for OS 7.27! Repeater has released an update for the 1750E. Update Fritz! Fritz with repeater and mesh! Improves the automatic layout of the LAN connection between the box. In addition, the wizard has been redesigned to set and change the access type, and WLAN stability and performance have been improved. With this update, AVM Weak points Fixed handling of incoming fragmented packets and integrated MPDUs. Improvements and changes are seen below. Fritz! Update for OS 7.27 German and Fritz! Repeater 1750E is available for download in international and A / CH versions, now Fritz! The box can be started with a single click via the user interface. Repeaters, Powerline or Fritz! All users are welcome to see if there are any updates to other products like Phone! AVM recommends checking the mesh view of the box. These updates are FRITZ! The box will also be displayed on the start page. More information about this update can be found below or at AVM.

Download -> Download FRITZ! OS 7.27 FRITZ! Repeater 1750E

With each update, AVM improves security, so it is recommended that every user do the update. FRITZ! Update FRITZ for OS 7.27! Repeater 1750E is now FRITZ! Available via Box user interface and downloaded from AVM. FRITZ! Open the box user interface -> Enter the in the web browser and login -> Click on Help -> Update -> Start the update by clicking New FRITZ! Search for OS FRITZ! New FRITZ for Repeater! Follow the instructions to get the OS.

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FRITZ! Update for OS 7.27 is now available for download from AVM:

FRITZ! The update to OS 7.27 includes the following new features and improvements:

FRITZ! The update to OS 7.27 includes the following new features and improvements:

  • Automatic setup of LAN connection from Fritz! Repeater for Fritz! Box updated with mesh.
  • Redesigned guides for setting up and changing the access type (WLAN bridge / LAN bridge).

FRITZ! Further improvements and changes with OS 7.27

  • Improvement: Improved system stability.
  • Improvement: Improved WLAN stability.
  • Improvement: Redesigned guides for setting up and changing access types (WLAN Bridge / LAN Bridge).
  • Improvement: FRITZ after pressing a button (WPS)! The time it takes to establish a connection with the box is significantly reduced.
  • Improvement: News for WLAN has been updated under “System / Events”.
  • Improvement: Improved the detection of multiple parallel WPS functions.
  • Improvement: Edited DFS standby time messages under “System / Events”.
  • Improvement: Naming WLAN guest access (SSID, default) depending on language choice.
  • Improvement: Improved the stability of WLAN guest access.
  • Fix: Vulnerabilities in the handling of incoming fragmented packets and integrated MPDUs (A-MPDUs) (“Fragattack”).
  • Fix: With encrypted WiFi, the WPS functionality for WiFi guest access does not work reliably.
  • Fix: In some cases the 5 GHz connection was not initially installed after connecting via WPS.
  • OK: Fritz! Data transfer is interrupted for seconds when the repeater switches from 5 to 2.4 GHz if it is unfavorable.
  • Fixed: Fixed reduced maximum performance rate when used with current Apple iOS and MacOS devices.
  • Fix: The setup guide for setting up the WLAN bridge is incomplete.
  • Fix: The last page of the setup wizard will show the WiFi network key even if the encrypted network is configured.
  • Fix: When parallel running WPS logs are detected, they are not reliably stopped.
  • Fix: The number of messages in “System / Events” was very low in some areas.
  • Fix: Fritz for a non-enabled repeater for mesh! Box Invalid reference for password acceptance.
  • Fix: If network settings are switched back and forth between different settings, the changes are not applied.
  • Fixed: “Support” page can no longer be called directly.
  • Fix: Speed ​​display for LAN connections is incorrect.
  • Fix: Accidental display of LAN connection systems.
  • Fixed: Multiple requests for password assignment.
  • OK: Last FRITZ! Incorrect time specification when displaying OS update.
  • Fix: On rare occasions the 5 GHz band had multiple radar standby times.
  • OK: In rare cases, Fritz! 5 GHz connection lost with box.
  • Fixed: Problems allocating channels when changing WLAN standard from “11a + n” to “11n + ac”.
  • Fixed: Incorrect event under “System / Events” with WPS while waiting for DFS.
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