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Blank yawns on WhatsApp ?: How to take chat history with you to your new device

Blank yawns on WhatsApp ?: How to take chat history with you to your new device

Leave a blank yawn on WhatsApp?
Take your chat history to your new device

Who doesn’t know that? You are buying a new smartphone, but you do not have the old chat history ready. But users do not have to be afraid of loss because the exchange of messages is done quickly. How it is done.

Anyone who buys a new cell phone and installs the WhatsApp Messenger service there initially sees a yawn vacuum. Only the chat groups you are a member of are listed – without any chat history. But don’t be afraid, because conversations can move quickly. How it is done.

From Android to Android

To manually change WhatsApp chat history, users should proceed as follows: There is an option to “Chat Backup” in WhatsApp settings under “Chats”. Select this and click the “Save” button to save the history. Then connect the old device to the computer using the USB device and copy the backup labeled “msgstore.db.crypt”. The file is located in the “WhatsApp / Databases” folder and is located on the internal memory or on the SD card. Then connect the new mobile phone to the PC and copy “msgstore.db.crypt” to the WhatsApp folder. Launch WhatsApp on the new device and re-register with its phone number. The application automatically approves the backup and imports it after user approval.

This step is made easier by Google’s cloud storage. The Google Drive option can also be found as a storage location under Backup Options. Anyone who uses this option and dials on a new device will be asked if they want to restore chats. Click “Reset” – Done!

From iOS to iOS

If you use WhatsApp on an iPhone, on the other hand, you have no choice: To move chat history, cloud storage iCloud must be enabled. The next step is the same as on Android: register with the phone number on the new device and answer the question about recovery on confirmation – that’s all.

Between Android and iOS

This is a little more complicated for users who are switching from iOS to Android device or vice versa: although it is free to go from iOS to Android using the “Wazzap Migrator Lite” application, it is a paid assistant version that only works in other ways.

WhatsApp developers are also developing a solution: recently on Samsung devices, switching from iOS to Android has become easier. However, only for Samsung phones running Android 10 or newer and having the Smart Switch app installed. According to Facebook subsidiary WhatsApp, user-friendly solutions for other manufacturers are already being developed.

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