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Apple operating system iOS 14.6: iPhone users report battery-related issues

Apple operating system iOS 14.6: iPhone users report battery-related issues

Complaints from iPhone users do not stop there. The current iOS 14.6 operating system ensures that the batteries of some Apple smartphones drain faster than previous iOS versions. Since the release of iOS 14.6, numerous iPhone users have complained that the battery life of their smartphones has been significantly reduced.

Obviously, older phones are not the only ones affected Similar to the iPhone 7, But also Apple’s current best models. So a user writes Online forum ReditHis nearly two-month-old iPhone 12 Pro Max is said to be “really dilapidated”. The battery lasted two days after purchase and now he has to charge the iPhone at the end of each day.

Another user reported that his battery was only half full after a day – although he did not use the phone. A Screen shot of his battery operation However, it shows that the energy is permanently submerged IPhone So only one hour and 20 minutes are used. This time the screen was on for an hour.

However, the problem does not seem to affect all models: one user writes that he did not notice any problem with the battery of his iPhone 11 Pro Max. The battery will be Quickly expelled Until now.

In response to SPIEGEL’s request on Thursday morning, what are the issues and what solutions are available to users Apple Not answered yet.

Users are provided with tips on how to fix the problem

When Apple is quiet, iPhone users help themselves. Obviously, battery issues can be avoided to some extent. A user suggests, for example, Turn off the optimal battery charge. In some cases it helps to back up first, then restore the settings, and finally Reload the backup. There are some Apple forum members The podcast application has been identified as the source of the error Recommend removing the app.

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The problem can be solved with the announced iOS 15 operating system. At least beta testers certify the software Better battery management. When Apple launches new smartphones, the new iOS is expected to be released in the fall. iOS 15 brings new features with it Split screens for FaceTime, such as auto-authentication of phone numbers in photos and a voice assistant freed from online stress.

However, battery issues can be eliminated beforehand. Because the update for iOS 14 will be postponed in the coming weeks. Last week, Apple released the fourth beta version of iOS 14.7. This means that after a few test runs, the software will soon be available for download to all users.

So far, Apple has not implemented a specific performance brake for some applications to save battery. Smartphone maker OnePlus is currently under review. Comparison site »Geekbench contains the best models of the Chinese team Removed from programThis is because, among other things, the OnePlus 9 should be called full-performance by definition, but stimulates the performance of some gaming applications.