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Attractors still have server issues, people can fly and Square Enix is ​​looking for a solution -

Attractors still have server issues, people can fly and Square Enix is ​​looking for a solution –

Outer Riders It is definitely the game of the moment. The success of the Square Enix MMO shooter surprised everyone, even the developers. People can fly, in fact, for three days Problem coy server Looking for one of the outliers and Solution Allow players access to their games, but above all play online with others.

Although long and appreciated Beta period, During which the development team updated several times to improve the game to the best of their ability, and the success of the aides has really displaced everyone. This game is by far the largest Square Enix release on Steam, and it certainly didn’t help that it made it from day one on the Xbox Game Boss.

I Tens of thousandsIn fact, individuals who try to connect to the game’s servers simultaneously on multiple support sites. We now have PS5 | PS4 / Xbox Series X | We are talking about S / XP1 / GamePass / Epic / Steam / Stadia / Nvidia GeForce.

The most positive factor, in this case, creates a bit Congestion It could not manage the servers. For the third day in a row, in fact, there are issues with the Outreach servers, and players are unable to connect to the game and communicate with friends or other players. Only one person can “console” with a single player, but this game has a lot more to offer.

Anyway People can fly He said he would get a solution and soon all gaming activities would be running again. For now he has disabled the cross game and is working on a link to reactivate it. Do you have problems?

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