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Kukoos – Lost Pets

Attracted 64 times by Nintendo: New 3D Platformer Cucos – Announced Lost Pets – My Tower

Brazilian development studio Petit Fabric has signed on for their new game Cuckoos – Lost Pets Inspired by the colorful Nintendo 64 era. Something colorful 3D-platform The goal This fall For that Nintendo Switch, Via Steam to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. You can already download the demo of the PC version from Steam.

In the game, you will be taken to a new universe, where you have to brainwash and save the pets taken on the cuckoo tree. Together with Kugos Kay or Giga you will embark on an adventure in the colorful world, where you will meet more or less friendly and non-friendly residents. Also, teaming up with five reptiles will completely turn the game upside down. You have to master four different worlds with different biomes, five bosses, tricky puzzles and other tricky situations. You can also collect coins to unlock game content.

Does the colorful adventure suit your taste?

Source: Petit Fabrik Press Release, YouTube (Petit Fabrik)

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