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Attlee Raisa 2 Nintendo Switch உண்மையான Pokemon brings true magic to the millennium

Attlee Raisa 2 Nintendo Switch உண்மையான Pokemon brings true magic to the millennium

Koi Techmo e GUST Studios Return to the show with their new title, Attlee Raisa 2: Lost Legends & Secret Fairy Game, The second episode of the series Risley’s Stout, Call Raisa, An ordinary woman who is tired of her normal life, has now grown up, but is still looking for new adventures. New topic is coming January 29, 2021 Also available on the Nintendo Switch and all other consoles.

That’s the type of game JRPG, As the title is a direct continuation of the first chapter. Attlee Raisa: Always Darkness & Secret Hideout, These events start again after three years. Raisa returns as the protagonist and embarks on a new journey to unravel the mysteries hidden behind the ancient ruins and the truth about the lost myths. In addition to the guys from the first game, Theo Moncordon e Lent Marsling, New faces will join Raisa’s adventure, and they will come along Both, A mysterious angel who cannot speak.

In this new journey, players will be able to control Raisa differently than in the first game; Of New dynamics Let the protagonist move around the map by swimming, climbing walls and playing with a magic rope Emerald Band. Atelier Ryza 2 introduces a variety of capabilities, each of which allows players to exploreIsola de Corks Until the end. Also, new ones War dynamics In real time they allow you to have 4 related characters, 3 main and 1 support on the battlefield. Thanks to new techniques, they are able to combine their attacks, using their skills and materials in a quick sequence Capacity chain e Item Rush.

Adlier Raisa2

Another novelty is about objects, new Gallery system This allows Raisa to collect and combine personal tools to use throughout her adventure. It may help new players to get used to the game’s set structure, which makes things easier for those who already know the series. The essence Ed Evolutionary connection. During her journey, Raisa dares through the ruins to talk to locals, discover new hidden places and unravel the mysteries hidden inside.

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Players who purchase the physical or digital version of Adlier Raisa 2: Lost Legends & Secret Fairy will receive a bonus within the first two weeks of the game’s launch. Clothing summer fashion. Holders can retrieve data from the first chapter of the title on their console Classic dress Raisa, with all the other costumes worn by the characters of the game.