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Attention, Pollution: Straw fever map shows high risk areas

Attention, Pollution: Straw fever map shows high risk areas

More than 20 million Germans are aware of the problem: beautiful weather in spring and summer becomes a test of patience. Pollen flying from flowers, grass and trees causes persistent symptoms in allergy sufferers with runny nose, itchy eyes or persistent sneezing. In severe cases, small particles can trigger a single headache – prevention is important.

With our downloads you always have an overview of current and future pollen counts and you will always be informed about where you should not be in the future. The interactive live pollen chart shows which flowers and grasses are currently in bloom – so you can already estimate if you need medicine in the future. Use of pollen prognosis For Android And application For iOS You will be in a state of renewal in pollen counts both inside and out.

Pollen count: Best forecasts here

You can find an interactive pollinator map at

On the interactive pollen chart from, you can always check which allergenic plants are currently blooming in your area. By zooming in on your hometown and clicking on the detailed view, the map will instantly tell you whether birch, rockweed, mulberry, rye or ripwood are currently in bloom. Those who want to carry an overview of flowering times in their pocket can download and print the pollen calendar as a PDF – giving you an accurate overview of what time of year it blooms.

There is a lot of information on the smartphone: Pollen forecast application For Android And application For iOS Includes an updated map of what kind of pollen is currently moving. Particularly practical: you can also see a forecast for the next few days in the trend scene so you can plan. If you have a particularly strong allergic reaction to individual types of pollen, you may also receive a bush notification as soon as pollen reaches your location. Above all, you need to be prepared with these tools and be able to enjoy your early summer in peace.

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