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In the Veneto region, only 21 out of 51 directors will ever download Pdf

In the Veneto region, only 21 out of 51 directors will ever download Pdf

Venice – they do not always interfere in the classroom, often (and involuntarily) they press a button – yes, no, approved, rejected – depending on the signs coming from the council desks. But, at the expense of passing on the voiceless, some Veneto regional councilors Jayan-Northern League Patrol They have won a medal: they talk a little, leave the microphone to their respective team leaders and commission chairs, but they are very present.

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At the end of the year, 100% attendance at the Palazzo Ferro Fini – 44 of the 44 sessions of the Legislature, 9 in 2020 and 35 – 21 in 2021, precisely 17 majority directors (Roberto Bed, Simenona picakliya, Eliza kevinato, jiyuliyo centenaro, Roberto ciyampetti, Marco dolphin, marciyo hpevero, Gabriel micciletto, tomaco rasolini, Filippo Rico, Luciano cantona, Enos corancona, sperracona, sperracona, sperracona, aperracona, sperracona, sperracona, sperracona, Sperrazontally, Aspergillus, Marco Dolphin) And 4 of the minorities (Erica Baltin, Anna Maria Beacon, Elena Ostenell, Giacomo Posamai)

Tail light
Last in the rankings, as always, is the head of the region, Luca Jaya, Which has been seen 4 out of 44 times since the beginning of the Palazzo Ferro Finney Assembly, thus reaching just 9.09% inclusion. Is the absence unreasonable? Apparently not, the governor twice did not actually come, the other 38 were on leave and were therefore justified.

However, the productivity of a regional councilor cannot be based solely on being in the classroom because the selected person may enter the building, sign the register, and then not come to his or her office. This is why the percentage of votes cast in the judgment on productivity is so high: in 44 sessions of the Council, 1,503 were cast and none of the 51 Regional Councilors voted 1,503 times. Luciano Santona, the first commission chairman, had the highest turnout at 97.8%, followed by Eliza Cavinado and Marco Dolphin at 97.74%. Erica Baldin (94.21%), who is part of the Bureau, is in the minority record turnout. Zoya aside (the president received 11 of the 1,503 votes, 0.73%), the worst of all were Daniel Boloto (56.22%) and Fabrizio Boron (64.27%) and, in opposition, Jonathan Montanerillo (78.64%).
But even participating in a poll is not enough to give directors report cards: how much they prepare, how much they document, how much and how they discuss bills, movements, and programs in the classroom. At the end of the year all the judgments that the statistical prospectus did not think of.

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