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13 sentinels aegis rim nintendo switch

At Nintendo Switch, you will be fascinated by this scary science fiction game

Today 13 Sentinels on the Nintendo Switch: Rediscover the science fiction game Aegis Rim.

If you are a fan of graphic novels and science fiction, we have a video game for you. 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Kaijus, also known as “Mecha” weapons, is an adventure game that takes place in a world where humans have to face giant monsters. This is a summary of almost all the pictures Pacific RimThe 2D game is up to date with incredible graphics and intricate storytelling.

The PlayStation consoles have already had great success in September 2020, before that in Japan, the title gets the long-awaited release on the Nintendo Switch. Note that you can already purchase via Nintendo eShop for 59.99. Check out its release trailer below.

If the game is particularly appreciated, above all its highly impressive narrative and its real-time strategic combat system put you at the heart of a battle that only you can win. As the name suggests, the 13 guards guarding the city have 13 different stories.

At any time during your adventure, you can cheat between different characters 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Excellent replayability and multiple game possibilities. However, not every story can be completed without interruption from beginning to end because some parts cannot be opened after you have played the other characters.

There is also a combat system that allows you to organize group fights. In this mode, you have to select the characters you want and assign them roles for the attack stages.

Gaius left

If you do not know what kaijus are, they are creatures of Japanese descent, mostly giant monsters. Godzilla, First of its kind. They later became prominent figures in Japanese folklore and are today symbols of pop culture in the country, but everywhere in the world, the concept is often taken for granted.

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Recently, these monsters have made a significant incursion into France The beginning of the manga Kaiju # 8, The first volume was published in October 2021 with approximately 250,000 copies. He gave himself a pictorial representation on a page of the BNF in Paris for the event.

This is what awaits players 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, With epic battles and mesmerizing story. With the exception of the Nintendo eShop, the game available on the Amazon site can be found cheap. Priced at .4 53.48.