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Astronaut Patrick Patri: "Thomas Baskett is so gentle, one wonders if he's still French."

Astronaut Patrick Patri: “Thomas Baskett is so gentle, one wonders if he’s still French.”

Thomas Basket flew to the International Space Station this Friday morning. He spent two months in ISS. Former astronaut Patrick Patry showed no mercy to Thomas Baskett. His words are controversial.

His word is rare, and it can be even more so. Channel Guest PFMTV Former French astronaut Patrick Patri has created controversy with Thomas Baskett over the launch of the SpaceX rocket. He said “Basket is so soft, you wonder if he’s still French.”

During the interview, Patrick Patry first commented on the space program, saying that it was “kept in private hands and space agencies are withdrawing from it”. But quickly, the astronaut, who had made two missions in the 1980s, wondered, “Is Thomas Pesket really French, or is he so American, so gentle?” “, Marks the last meal of Thomas Baskett on earth.

Patrick Patrick’s words caused a reaction on social media.

#BFMTV You have to explain to me the interest in calling this bitter old man from Patrick Patrick, we are having a great time, he spends his time waking everyone up, he has to change channels because he can not bear it.

– Ruvix Simon (ictTictacsimon) April 23, 2021

Freewheeling also hosted the crew of the former astronaut Alpha Mission as “astronauts paid our taxes.”

Bad mood, freedom of speech or Patrick Patrick’s resentment towards Thomas Basket? The latter will have other priorities for six months within the International Space Station.