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Asteroid Pen can hit Earth

Asteroid Pen can hit Earth

Asteroid Pen. (Photo: NASA)

This is the highlight of the Doomsday scene: an asteroid destroys life on Earth. Pennu is not the least bit rejected rock that could hit our planet.

It is good that our descendants mark themselves in red on the calendar for September 24, 2182. On this day, according to the latest calculations, Pennu will collide with Earth. Pennu is the second most dangerous asteroid in the solar system. According to NASA, the probability of a collision is currently one in 2,700, which is about 0.037 percent. The chance of a collision with 2300 is one in 1,750.

The Cairo-shaped and half-kilometer-large space rock is one of only two dangerous asteroids known in our solar system. He has only 1950 DA ahead of him, which has a 0.3 percent chance of hitting Earth. However, it was not until March 16, 2880. By then it should be clear whether Pennu went to Earth or not. More is known about Pennu, however, as the space explorer orbited the asteroid for many years during NASA’s Osiris-Rex mission. A sample was taken from the Pennus regolith, a substance formed in rock fissures in the solar system by various processes. The average diameter of the asteroid is about 492 meters.

Many factors play a role

Based on these models, which are expected to come to Earth on September 24, 2023, new data showing the path of the pen should be determined so that the chances of it entering the Earth are more accurate. By 2135 the path of the pen can be calculated very accurately. “We have never modeled the orbit of an asteroid with this precision.” sagte Davide Farnocchia From the Bear-Earth Object Research Center (CNEOS) operated by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). He added that “the pace of impact has increased slightly,” but this will not be a significant change.

To predict the path of the pen through the solar system as accurately as possible, several factors must be taken into account. The team had to design the gravitational relationship between the asteroid and the sun and other planets, satellites and more than 300 other space rocks and the pressure of the solar wind. However, by 2182, many generations of scientists will still have the opportunity to refine their calculations to the smallest detail.

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