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New Final Fantasy for PlayStation 5 is said to be "inspired by souls" P JPGAMES.DE

New Final Fantasy for PlayStation 5 is said to be “inspired by souls” P JPGAMES.DE

It’s exciting. We reported over the weekend that Insider Navdra Rumor has it that this is the new Final Fantasy for PlayStation 5. Navdra actually has a pretty compelling portfolio of predictions that occurred later. His specialties are Square Enix and Sony.

“It simply came to our notice then. It’s not as high-end as Final Fantasy XVI or Fourspoke, but it’s more important than World of Final Fantasy or Remaster. ” He then followed on the basis of several speculations.

This is not an Evalis game, tactics or players. But it is definitely “inspired by souls”. On the other hand, if you hear about “FF like souls” you are not imagining. Nice to hear that.

Before Navra could talk about the inspiration of souls, another insider jumped on his side. In Wccftech Souls Hunt is said to have already provided accurate information in the past.

In A video He explains that the undeclared sports team is a game created by Ninja (Neo) and inspired by Souls.

Like Navdra, he hopes the game will unfold on E3. Of all the rumors, one thing is for sure. We will soon know if that is true. Because E3 will run from 12 to 15 June Occur.

Via Reset (2), Images: Philosophy of Fire, Square enix, Fluorescent products

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