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Mr.  X Nightmare DLC 3 Announces New Characters And More - Nert 4. Life

Mr. X Nightmare DLC 3 Announces New Characters And More – Nert 4. Life

Streets of Rage 4 Continue to get content with DLC Mr.X Nightmare Announced during these hours, it will enrich Totemu’s best scrolling fighting game with 3 new characters, additional game modes and various features.

The streets of Rage 4 were a good expression, with the Lizard Cube and Guardian Crush fighting game well managed to recapture some of the magical spirits that characterize the game. Series Sega The fourth chapter is technically modern, but very classic in spirit.

This is a great example Scrolling fighting game Modern really works and this is no small matter, by the late 90s and with bitmap graphics this genre seems to be completely exhausted.

Therefore, to all owners of the game Mr. We warmly welcome the news of the new DLC with many more under the title X Nightmare. Announcements Aims to magnify and enrich the original experience. Of these, there are three new playable characters Estelle Aguirre And new Survival pattern Added various game options.

Already known characters will receive new moves and weapons, there will be new music by composer Dee Lopez and various news yet to be announced. Not one yet Exit date But this is expected in 2021, and more information is pending, including accurate details on upcoming additional content. In the meantime, let’s take a look at the DLC presentation trailer shown above.

The streets of Rage 4 sold 1.5 million copies last September, so the results are even better in the meantime. Last year we also saw how Sega took and approved the idea for the fourth installment of his series.

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