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Are Europeans interested in the environment?  Climate change in everyday life

Are Europeans interested in the environment? Climate change in everyday life

Eight out of ten Europeans consider themselves aware of climate change. So are they environmentally anxious, solostologic or fear of collapse? The EU aims to become the most ambitious continent in terms of environmental policy. To do this, national governments must be encouraged to implement measures with a strong social impact, such as banning the marketing of new hot cars by 2035. When millions of Europeans today face the hurdles of the “end of the world” and the “end of the month”, can we end up pursuing our environmental obligations?


What is the basis for the dialogue between the opinions of the European people?
Feelings of climate change
Climate concerns in the EU: a divide between north and south, east and west
End of the world and the end of the month: a hierarchy of priorities for Europeans
Responsibility of individuals and public authorities, differences of opinion among Europeans
Environmental-responsible behavior: random distribution among Europeans

teachers :
Remy Lavrier
He is an independent consultant in the public sector.
Theo Vertier He is co-director of the Jean-Jaurès Foundation’s Europe Observatory.
Yana Prokofieva Responsibility of the European Advocate in the Environmental Association.

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