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ITunes revives on Mac, but not thanks to Apple

ITunes revives on Mac, but not thanks to Apple

A developer has created the Music Miniplayer app: an upgraded version of the late iTunes 10 with the most advanced features on the Mac. One that will delight the most nostalgic of you.

ITunes 10 is available again // Source: 9to5Mac

Mario Guzman is a very nostalgic app developer. He created Music MiniPlayer: a macOS application that lets you listen to music like iTunes 10, first released in 2010. iTunes was wiped out by Apple in 2019, or split between various apps like Apple Music and Apple Podcasts. And Apple TV.

Music Miniplayer: The interface of the Magos music application

In fact, Music Miniplayer is not an independent application, but in fact the interfaces with the music application are found naturally in MacOS. It was created using AppKit and Swift. Mario Guzman announces ” All UI code is drawn using core graphics and core animation to achieve crisp details for both Retina and non-Retina displays. “. In twelve years, it’s a good idea because the screens have improved so much.

A demonstration of a music mini-player // Source: Mario Guzman

So you can use this player to control Apple Music and get what it needs: pause music, go to the next track, go back to the previous track, and control the volume. The progress of the directed track and its credits (artist, track, album) will be displayed. You can leave this player anywhere on your screen in front of the windows you use.

An updated version of iTunes 10

As Mario Guzmn described his application, it ” Allows you to play another playlist without opening the main Apple Music window Random and repeat modes are also available in the same menu. The interface supports live streaming via Apple Music Hits or FM.

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So the music mini-player is available for free Mario Guzman’s website, Its developer. If you’re nostalgic about this player, download it and enjoy your music!

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